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What’s your happy place? Is it with your family? Or is it completely alone with a book? One of my favorite happy places is near water. I grew up by Lake Erie. I went to school by another Great Lake. The lake was definitely a factor in choosing that school versus the others I was accepted to. I clearly like to be near bodies of water. This is even more fascinating since I can’t swim. But, when I’m sitting by the water or on a boat just watching the waves my brain is able to just get everything else I am thinking about out of there for a moment. My brain is wired to pretty much think about business (mine, yours, ones not even created yet) all the time.  But, near water I am completely transfixed. It’s my best form of meditation.

Like in many parts of the country we have had nice weather in December. On one of those days my computer wasn’t behaving properly after multiple restarts and the internet was going extra slow. I took that as a sign and decided to stop and play a little hooky. I got in my car, picked up lunch at the salad bar at Whole Foods, and drove to the lake.

While there I alternated between watching the small waves and the other groups of people all taking a break and enjoying the surprise good late Fall weather. Then I got out of my car with my sandals on. Again one of the last times I get to do that this year. I walked on the beach, forgot about everything for a few moments and experience my happy place.  Maybe my computer was trying to tell me to slow down for a moment.  When working on a business it’s so easy to keep trudging along not realizing that in stepping back that is when we can see the bigger picture.

Whether you have a physical place you go to, if you meditate, or talk with others such as a partner or a Master Mind Group, make sure you do this to recharge and prepare for the next milestone in your business.

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