Photo-Cat with Glasses

So what made me decide to start a business with a daughter in college and an active cat at home? It could be:

  • An intense belief individuals and organizations need my services

  • A desire to break free from relying on someone else to determine how much money I can make

  • Increased flexibility to handle above mentioned college student and cat

  • Mental instability

  • All of the above or maybe none of the above

When you ask all entrepreneurs why they decided to make the leap, one or more of the above listed reasons is mentioned. I wonder how many specifically list college student and cat? I am not entirely sure why I am making this leap other than this will allow me to participate in the growth of multiple businesses.  As job hopping is frowned upon in many circles, I get to work on the creation of multiple businesses at the same time.  How cool is that!

If you’re reading this, you probably have the desire for entrepreneurship in you too. Tell me, why are you in business for yourself?

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