Remember this guy? Where did 2015 go?

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?   I’m not talking about the one to lose weight. Go ahead and just add that to your 2016 resolutions list now. Go on and do it. I can wait.

You back? Good.

No, I’m mean your business related resolutions. Did you list growing your business as a resolution? How about purchasing more equipment; snagging that big client; or doubling your revenue from the previous year? Heck, maybe it was to finally just start your business. That was my mine.

Did you accomplish anything other than keeping the doors open another year? Was the needle moved toward something sustainable? Why not? Maybe you tried to do it all yourself. You thought you couldn’t afford the cost of hiring someone else. The reality is you can’t afford to do it all yourself either.

Let’s start now to plan for 2016. Evaluate what you did and how to be more efficient. Move forward. And try to have a life outside of your business too.

If you want to explore ways to not have 2016 be a repeat of 2015 contact us to discuss.

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